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Export of lifestyle products

We are committed to delivering Made in Japan products of a high quality and safety to the world.

Japanese-made products that are a part of everyday life in Japan in fact boast excellent quality, safety, packages designed for ease of opening, and other refinements down to the last detail -- they are designed through and through with the user in mind. The world trusts Japanese products, and many consumers in Asia and Europe seek them out by name. Our firm exports Japanese products, among them lifestyle goods, and meets this global need.

Our strength lies in our ability to deliver high mix, low volume lots. In traditional export, single products are packed in large container lots, meaning importers must procure large quantities of each individual item. By contrast, our firm can ship a wide range of products, among them dry foods, sweets, and everyday items, combined in single-container lots. This allows our customers to obtain wholesale quantities of small lots containing a high mix of different varieties of products. We currently export to Vietnam and other Asian countries, but we are equipped to export to other countries should there be a need.

By exporting a diverse range of products that are of a high quality and safety and of various price brackets, we are bringing Made in Japan quality to the world. Alibaba:

Marine products export

We deliver fresh Japanese seafood overseas.

The Japanese seas are one of the world’s premier fishing grounds. A warm and cold current flow into Japan, producing a sophisticated balance of seafood that varies across the four seasons. This means there is a diverse range of marine products each season. Nutrient-rich water from Japan’s mountains and forests flows into the seas, and the seafood that grows there is rich, healthy, and offers a deep flavor.

The Japanese fishing industry also boasts world-class skills, and it is deeply-versed in preserving seafood in its freshest state. The quality of seafood is determined not only by the way in which it is cultivated and preserved, but by the skills of the fishermen. We catch delicious fish and seafood from Japan’s bountiful seas, preserve them raw, and then ship them overseas in our cold chain.

In addition to Japanese seafood, we ship high-quality seafood from other regions to the world. Alibaba:

Cool Japan business

We export garden plants and shrubs, miniature bonsai, and horticulture materials, as well as carry out landscaping and construction overseas.

Traditional Japanese trees like plum pine and Japanese pine are highly regarded overseas and beloved by people everywhere. Our expert artisans spend time and effort to shape these plants into beautifully curvaceous forms, and we then ship them for export.

Our firm is uniquely equipped to provide a high level of technical expertise in the pruning and design of plants and garden trees. We can ship everything from miniature potted bonsai pants to massive trees 100-300 years old, and deliver them in a healthy state. The trees are fully covered down to the roots and loaded in special containers, arriving at your door in a beautiful condition.

We also export the large rocks, koi carp, and other decorative elements used in traditional Japanese gardens, and we can also perform landscape and horticultural design and construction to meet your needs. This allows you to bring beautiful traditional Japanese gardens directly overseas. Alibaba: